DIY Chicken Sweaters

Moulting sweaters made by Gramma with love!

Moulting sweaters made by Gramma with love!

My mom always told me I would regret not learning to knit, and as hard as it is for me to say it  -she’s right!  Last fall I had half a dozen hens strutting around the pasture half naked and I couldn’t find a ‘chicken sweater’ anywhere in town, the farmer’s market or annual craft fairs.  Go figure, but chicken sweaters are a rare commodity.  I decided it was time to admit defeat and ask my dear mom if she would mind knitting sweaters for my hens.    Continue reading

A Farming Lesson

In memory of Maggie... 2000~2013

In memory of Maggie…

This is what I need to figure out, especially with hobby farming.  It’s a slow process.  Things need time to grow, not just the vegetables or baby animals, but the skills.  Skills, I’ve discovered, can’t be absorbed thru books, internet browsing, twitter feeds or farmer forums.  There’s just no fast way around it, I’m afraid.  Things. Take. Time.

This is an entirely new concept for me.  For over a decade I’ve been used to an extremely fast paced, hectic, high pressure work life.  I’m used to being professionally frantic and always at the ready.  Like ‘hold your breath, dive in head first and come up for air only when your limbs tingle’.  Farming is different.  To be a good farmer, you have to learn to nurture.  And nurturing won’t be rushed.